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Looking Beyond Hilton and Marriott – Comparing Hotel Elite Benefits

Over the last couple of years work has kept me loyal to Marriott and Hilton and I must say I’ve been mostly happy with Marriott and less happy with Hilton. For two years I have enjoyed Platinum status at Marriott and Gold status with Hilton and have primarily stayed at the two hotel brands ...


Getting A Status Match to Alaska Airlines Elite Status


I have been a United Airlines fan for about three years now and I currently have Premier Gold status with them.  It's not much but I only do about 60,000 miles of flying a year. That's nothing compared to the other frequent fliers out there and truth be told, I'm ...


United Airlines Premier Gold Status


I'm still pretty new to the whole points and miles game so I still get excited about the little things. One of those little things that got me excited last year was reaching my first mid-tier status with an airline. After 50,000 miles of "butt in seat" ...

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Buying Elite Status from US Airways and American Airlines


As February draws to a close, today is the last day to buy elite status from US Airways at a preferential rate--the rate and even ability to do so changes substantially tomorrow. Meanwhile, American Airlines is enticing current elites who face status expiration or reduction tomorrow to buy back ...


Pay to Boost your American Airline Elite Status for 2014


As the year comes to an end, AA is letting people pay to boost their status to the next level for a fee depending on the number of elite miles currently earned in their AA account. If you are within 5,000- 9,999 miles of Elite status you can Boost your status for a fee. The costs increases from a ...

Hyatt Regency Sha Tin (Hong Kong) - Life is Much Better as a Diamond Member


My previous post reviewed the Radisson Martinique Manhattan in New York which was nice, and a suite that was more than adequate, but falls short of expectations for the price paid.  When planning our trip around the world, I came across Mike's post about requesting a Diamond Challenge for ...

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Free Platinum Status On American Airlines

Apply for The US Airways Premier World MasterCard(R)

This morning I woke up to a lovely email from American Airlines telling me that I deserved FREE Platinum status! This year I have flown about 25,000 EQM since January and have already attained Gold status through 2014. Yet now, with this promotion I am ...


New Star Alliance Gold Commercial

Star Alliance's marketing department is savvy and I don't just say that because I know the folks in it...

Take a look at the latest Star Alliance Gold advertisement--

What I love about this commercial is that it simply yet accurately and convincingly shows the ...


American Airlines Elite Status Soft Landing


Last year I was fortunate enough to receive an Elite Status Match from American Airlines where AA matched my status from Delta and then American attempted to woo me and win my business travel. Although I enjoyed flying American, I had a hard time moving my travel completely to them because they ...


Delta's new Skymile Program includes Medallion Qualifying Dollars

If you have not heard the rumors on FlyerTalk and Milepoint, then don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Yet, some of those rumors came true today, when Delta officially announced their new requirements for Elite Status for the Skymiles 2015 program year. Delta is NOT moving to a ...


When Spending $1200 Seems To Save You $700


Speaking to the Sherpstress, and justifying a future trip, I made a statement that only a travel nut could make with a straight face, but before I get to that statement, here is how the conversation came up.

Our next trip is to Bali, and coming back we are using some RGN one-ways that ...

2012: The Year I Told Myself I Would Divorce Delta

This year I promised myself that I would stop flying Delta and throw my loyality behind a different Airline, but as everyone knows, when you’re loyal and you like one program, it’s hard to give it up for another. Skymiles has been legitimately good to me over the years and since my ...


Virgin America Offers Status Match for American & United Elites


Virgin America (Vx) which claims to be A breath of fresh Airline is taking on United and American Airline by trying to steal their elite customers by offering them a FREE status match! Virgin America launched their own elite program earlier in an attempt to take on the legacy carriers and to lure ...


A Free Upgrade to GOLD

This morning I woke up to a very interesting email form Marriott. The subject read “You’ve been Upgraded”. I have no current reservations with the Marriot so I knew there was no way I was getting a notification that a room I had booked was being upgraded to a suite. Ready to ...

Have you Qualifed for Elite Status for 2013?

How do you choose your loyality?

I have always wondered how people choose to be loyal to one airline or another?  Ever since I started flying I was loyal to Northwest Airlines and their partners. The reason wasn’t because I liked NWA over the other airlines, but it was actually ...


Free Top Tier Status is back!

Get this while it's still available!  I covered this a couple of weeks ago and it went away so fast that even the Sherpstress didn't get in on it (she did wait almost 18 hours!).  She didn't make that mistake again and her Platinum status posted within moments.  Once ...

Top Tier Hotel Status Offer - Intro to Status Matching


The offer is gone, and it was gone fast.  Congrats to those who got in on it! The offer is back, but it will likely go away again soon, see it here.  Part Two (Intro to Status Matching) is maybe one of the most useful things a new frequent flyer can master.  If you ...