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Honolulu to New York Mileage Run

After arriving into Honolulu on my American Airlines mileage run, I wandered aimlessly through the open plan terminal looking for my next gate and club lounge. Along the way there is some great plane spotting as there are no windows clouding your view. I just wish I had brought my camera with me ...

Double Elite Mile Promotion Coming to American Airlines?

This is purely speculation, but as each day goes on and the number of disruptions and delays at American Airlines increases, I have to think another double elite qualifying miles promotion is just around the corner.
AA has already been quite generous this year in terms of awarding elite ...
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Earn Double Preferred-Qualifying Miles on US Airways Shuttle Flights

With less than four months left until the end of the year, many people start to realize that they're going to need more miles to reach the next status level. I've run into the same problems in the past, and once before, I had to fly a ticket on December 27th. Of course, prices for tickets in ...

American Airlines Extends Targeted Double Elite Qualifying DEQ11 Promo

The American Airlines Double Elite Qualifying Miles promotion between Los Angeles or San Francisco and Chicago O'Hare or Dallas/Fort Worth (for residents of California, Illinois or Texas) has been extended through June 30, 2012. If you registered for DEQ11 you should be registered already.

In addition, flights booked and flown between Chicago and Orange Country starting March 9, 2012 through June 30, 2012 will be eligible for this promotion. If you haven't registered simply visit the DEQ11 promotion page at to register.

Upgrd 92: AdiĆ³s SpanAir

Join our frequent flyers as we discuss the closure of SpanAir, the bankruptcy proceedings of American Airlines, and recent hotel and airline promotions including:
Delta may make run at US Airways US Airways evaluates merger with AA The end of SpanAir American Airlines ...

Maya Liebman gives Farewell Present to AAdvantage Members: Double EQM

With American Airlines in Bankruptcy, and a major leadership shake-up in progress, American has decided to celebrate this season with a Frequent Flyer's favorite season, Double Elite Qualifying Miles.  I'll let Maya's Letter kick it off:
As my last act as outgoing president of the ...
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Upgrd 82: Airline Predictions 2011

Following on from our review of last year's predictions, we are back to discuss out frequent flyer predictions for 2011. Unfortunately due to some breaking news during recording, the episode is cut a bit short. <shakes fist towards LH> We try to discuss:

  • If the combined United and Continental will keep four tiers of elite status or three
  • What types of Double Elite Qualifying Promotions (if any) there will be this year
  • Next stops for Virgin America
  • and more...
  • We recorded this a few weeks ago, so some info may be out of date already!


Upgrd 64: Travel Gifts

In this week's frequent flyer podcast Mike, Matthew, Gary, and Matt discuss:
American Airlines Your Choice program Triple Elite and Redeemable Miles on DL and AA Delta in the news again ... for fighting ... again Your Hometown, Your Airline: San ...

Upgrd 61: Southwest Airlines

This week we discuss our two <sarcasm>favorite</sarcasm> airlines: Southwest Airlines and US Airways. Join us as we discuss the double elite qualifying mile promotion from US Airways and talk about Southwest's Rapid Reward Program.

  • Rapid Rewards A-List "Elite" status
  • Rapid Rewards email mailing list bonus credits
  • Business Select
  • And other Southwest promos including car rentals and more




Upgrd 51: Psychic Predictions

This week's frequent flyer podcast covers some news and our predictions for 2010. If last year's predictions are any indication only thing I can predict with certainty is how broken our crystal balls are. We discussed:
Continental CEO forgoes pay until profitable ...

Upgrd 36: First Class Can of Coke

The big news of the week is another double elite qualifying mile (DEQM) promotion started by American and, thus far, only matched by United. In this week's frequent traveler podcast we discuss the promotion and:
Delta's JFK T3 experience ... again Delta's SkyClub American and ...

Upgrd Podcast 7: With Aplomb

Sorry for the delay in releasing this week's podcast, let's just say there were some technical difficulties. This week's Upgrd podcast continues our main topic discussion of hotel programs. In addition we discuss:
When/If will airlines offer double elite qualifying miles (DEQM) and will ...