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I didn't start this blog intending to leverage it into a source of income.  In almost 3 years, that is still true.  Would I like to just travel at my leisure and blog about it without having to work my 'day job'?  Sure, but I don't see that happening right now.  

I discuss my blog ethics in detail on my profile page.  I refuse to post credit card affiliate links; since I don't like the effect they have had on the content of so many miles/points blogs.  I certainly discuss miles/points, and use credit card bonuses to build balances, but I've tried to focus the content here on travel experiences.  I am not against credit card links, and other upgrd bloggers use them, which I understand, it is just not something that I am comfortable with for myself.

People have asked me about some products that I recommend and ways to thank me, and the intent of this post is to address that.  I may post affiliate links to products I endorse, typically on Amazon, but never for credit cards.  I have listed some below.  Some of these are Amazon affiliate links which pay me a small percent if you choose to purchase via my link.  The price to you is the same.  I appreciate if you choose to support the blog in this way.


Bose QC15 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Long time Bose user, and I upgraded my QC2 to this model.  A bit bulky, but so nice to eliminate the drone of a long flight.  I rarely leave for a trip without them in my backpack.  

Vapur Element Water Bottle

This is a nice compact bottle that I carry when traveling.  It rolls up when not in use, and to get through security, but can easily be filled after screening.  Its very light and packs down very small.  I like the 0.7 L bottle, but there are larger options and various colors available.  

Tea Infuser Mug

I'm a tea drinker, and this is perfect option for travel.  I often also carry this with me.  There is a screen to separate out loose tea leaves.   It seals great, and keeps beverages warm for hours. 

Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper

I'm not a fan of big obnoxious cases on phones.  I prefer to let the work of the designers show.  Of course, within the first week I had it, I dropped my new iPhone 5, and decided I should do something to protect my investment.  This is simply a bumper, going around the outside edges, with a very low profile.

Eagle Creek Travel Pillow

This is a key component to help me sleep comfortably on a plane.  I don't carry it often, but I do for a domestic redeye or something similar.  The fleece covered pillow inflates/deflates in seconds and packs down very small.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder

I use this Eagle Creek product on nearly every trip I take.  I've found this really helps compress clothing in my luggage, and thanks to the folding board, it does a decent job of preventing wrinkles in my dress shirts when packed.   


Another travel related product I'm a big fan of is Award Wallet.  Although several airlines have limited access via the site, its still a great place to keep track of your points/miles, as well as all of the account numbers for all kinds of companies.  Click here to join Award Wallet.  After joining, if you'd like a free upgrade to your account, drop me a line at brad (at) and I can provide an upgrade for new users.

I also use Ebates to pick up a small cash rebate on some online purchases.  Kevin detailed a nice way to leverage some cash back for airline ticket purchases with Big Crumbs (a now defunct, but similar service).  Here is my referral link to Ebates.

Here is my Uber code.  New users that click this link and I both get free Uber credit 












Kelvin February 20, 2013 at 08:29 am

Thanks for the links. I signed up for Award Wallet with your link. How do I get the free upgrade?


Brad February 20, 2013 at 09:47 am

Kelvin, please email me at brad (at) and I'll send you an upgrade code

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