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The Faux Allure of a Cheap MegaBus Ticket

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 15 times, I must be an idiot.

I had to journey from Philadelphia to New York City tonight and had two opt...


No More Bumps on United Airlines for Me

My United redeye flight to Philadephia Monday turned out to be oversold. But I did not take a bump. It simply wasn't worth the effort, a stark change in the post-merger world.4 Comments

United's Retro Boarding Pass

When a portion of United Airlines' computer network crashed today, gate agents were left to improvise. Most just waited out the 2hr, 20min outage, but some got creative--check o...


United Announces Additional 787 Routes

Although United Airlines, with great fanfare, announced that the Boeing 787 would operate the carrier's new Denver-Tokyo Narita route next year, that will not be the first route...


Flying Home One Day Early on United Airlines

One of the positive post-merger changes on United Airlines is the ability to confirm an earlier flight up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight, even if it is the day before....


United Wins My Loyalty...Again

After what was perhaps the best summer of my life, I have left Germany and returned to Philadelphia. The one upside to being back in Philadelphia is that my domestic travel has ...


Relaxing in Thessaloniki

After a rather stressful but fascinating (wait for the trip report) trip through the Balkans, my arrival in Thessalonki, Greece yesterday was most welcomed. I have sought refuge...

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Why I Won't Be Going to Venezuela Anytime Soon

My readers know that I am up for an adventure. I've been to some messy parts of the world and am bolder than most in choosing a travel destination. But there are some places tha...


In the Heart of the Balkans

I am writing this in a very Soviet-style hotel room in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Yes, I am deep into the Balkans now.

The last several days have been quite p...


US Airways is Growing on Me

I may rave about a good flight on US Airways here and there, but most of my dealings with US Airways come over the phone. So many of my European clients have discovered the trem...