Posts from August 2012

United's Retro Boarding Pass

When a portion of United Airlines' computer network crashed today, gate agents were left to improvise. Most just waited out the 2hr, 20min outage, but some got creative--check o...

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United Announces Additional 787 Routes

Although United Airlines, with great fanfare, announced that the Boeing 787 would operate the carrier's new Denver-Tokyo Narita route next year, that will not be the first route...

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United Wins My Loyalty...Again

After what was perhaps the best summer of my life, I have left Germany and returned to Philadelphia. The one upside to being back in Philadelphia is that my domestic travel has ...

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Relaxing in Thessaloniki

After a rather stressful but fascinating (wait for the trip report) trip through the Balkans, my arrival in Thessalonki, Greece yesterday was most welcomed. I have sought refuge...

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In the Heart of the Balkans

I am writing this in a very Soviet-style hotel room in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Yes, I am deep into the Balkans now.

The last several days have been quite p...

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US Airways is Growing on Me

I may rave about a good flight on US Airways here and there, but most of my dealings with US Airways come over the phone. So many of my European clients have discovered the trem...

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