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Standing Up to Cab Drivers in Istanbul

For the few readers who have wondered about my absence the last several days, I just returned from a wonderful trip to Istanbul.

Istanbul is a fascinating city--where ea...


When It Hurts to Miss the Bus

Iceland was great, though by no means a destination for the budget-conscious traveler. The hard-hit Icelandic Krónur has rebounded nicely, and your Dollar or Euro doesn't...

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An Escape to Iceland

The last week has been quite stressful, so I wanted a change of pace this week. I’ve been in Frankfurt this month, which is great, working 16 hours a day, which is not so ...

Beautiful Pictures from Ireland

As you know, I spent the weekend in southwestern Ireland and had a great time--here's a few pictures from my trip:


Playing the Standby Game on Lufthansa

The airline employee standby game is fun, but it can be frustrating too. Unlike standing by as a revenue passenger with top tier elite status on United, where you can generally ...


A Weekend on the Emerald Isle

With an overwhelming response from the New York Times' coverage of my Award Expert service and a busy week in Frankfurt, I have been "dark" for the last four days--a first ...


Independence from the British...and the Germans?

For the second year in a row, I am spending 04 July--the American Independence Day--in Frankfurt, Germany. Today while thinking about the American Revolutionary War that followe...