Posts from November 2010

My Las Vegas Hotel Dilemma

Last week Expedia's Canadian division ran a wonderful $300 off promotion that I took full advantage of. 

Booking the trips to New York City were easy, but the trips...

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The Silence of the (Airline) Lambs

In all the talk about full airport security, TSA, full body scanners, and enhanced pat-downs, one element has been absent: the airlines' role in all this.

Today is natio...

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"Have a happy holiday..."

I interacted with quite a few United Airlines' employees today on my journey from Philadelphia to Orange County via Chicago and was struck by something: no staff member--no...

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A Return to "Smoking" Flights?

While tobacco cigarettes, pipes, and cigars won't be returning to U.S. airlines anytime soon, new technology has made it possible to re-introduce "smoking flights" wit...

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