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Partisan Politics Behind TSA Public Reaction?

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat argues that public reaction to the Transportation Security Administration is hopelessly rooted in partisan politics.

Imagine, for...

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Using a Flight Delay to Your Advantage

While most of the traveling public dreads the announcement that their flight is delayed, I usually welcome such announcements.

To be sure, delays are not always a great ...


My Las Vegas Hotel Dilemma

Last week Expedia's Canadian division ran a wonderful $300 off promotion that I took full advantage of. 

Booking the trips to New York City were easy, but the trips...


What the Spell Checkers Missed at

Believe me, spell checking is not the easiest task in the world. Automated spell checkers are not perfect and without careful proofreading (as I have found more often than I'd c...

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The Silence of the (Airline) Lambs

In all the talk about full airport security, TSA, full body scanners, and enhanced pat-downs, one element has been absent: the airlines' role in all this.

Today is natio...


"Have a happy holiday..."

I interacted with quite a few United Airlines' employees today on my journey from Philadelphia to Orange County via Chicago and was struck by something: no staff member--no...


A Return to "Smoking" Flights?

While tobacco cigarettes, pipes, and cigars won't be returning to U.S. airlines anytime soon, new technology has made it possible to re-introduce "smoking flights" wit...


Big Week Ahead on the Airport Security Front

Progress was made last week on the airport security front. Backlash over the TSA's invasive full body scanners and pat-downs is rapidly escalating and a number of key news items...

Why the TSA Violates the Fourth Amendment

Earlier today, Steven Frischling, author of the Flying with Fish blog over at Boarding Area, posted a piece entitled, How the TSA Legally Circumvents the Fourth Amendment. I am ...


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