A Day of Flying on United Express

I am traveling to Alabama today and am taking two United Express flights to get there, one on Trans States and one on Mesa (aka Messy Air). Hopefully I’ll make it!

Actually, I agree with Gray’s assessment of travel on United Express (detailed in a humorous recount of his regional jet mileage run over at Wing and a Prayer). While it may not be First Class, I have never had a comfort or claustrophobia problem traveling in 12A on the ERJ-145, 9B on the EMB-120, or 1C/D on the CRJ.

As long as you choose your seats wisely, regional travel doesn’t have to be bad. And if you’re lucky enough to get on an ERJ-170 or CR7, well you even have First Class and Economy Plus to enjoy.

So to all you United whiners out there: suck it up and be thankful you’re not flying Northwest Airlink or American Eagle. 


Halothane December 11, 2009 at 01:20 am

Ugggg...Messy! They've taken over all of my local UX flights. No love for skywest here anymore =(

Josh December 11, 2009 at 06:15 pm

What's wrong with American Eagle? They give me free booze.

@Josh: I'll take legroom over booze! Trans State does give free booze to UA elites.

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