Star MegaDO Day 2: We're walking, we're walking...


Upon arrival into Frankfurt, we wandered down to the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge which was a nice breath of fresh air.  The Welcome Lounge has 28 showers for patrons to use.  I decided to skip the shower and get a bite to eat.  The food selection included fresh frutis, hot foods, and a plethora of bread (including fresh pretzels).  

After the lounge it was time to check-in to the hotel and then meet-up to start the day. 

As we all met in the lobby and checked-in for the event, we were transported to Lufthansa's headquarters.  Upon arrival, we were broken into groups and given guides.  The first stop was the Training Center.  We toured the training center, learned how FA's go through boot-camp, and even got to witness a few sessions that were happening.

The next stop was definitely one of the highlights.  The Lufthansa Technik maintenance base.  The base we toured was for both Airbus and Boeing aircraft including the engine shop and a few empty aircraft.   The particular aircraft were an A340-600 and a Boeing 747-400.   There is nothing quite as cool as being able to walk around a plane with no restrictions and no other people.  You get to really take in the size and explore.  The A340-600 is particularly interesting since Lufthansa chose to put their coach bathrooms downstairs.  For those that don't know, the A340-600 is not a double decker plane, but there is a part of the cargo area that can be used by the airline.  Some airlines choose to make it a crew rest area but in Lufthansa's case, it is all the bathrooms for coach, a huge galley and the crew rest area. 

In both cases, our guide, the Director of Engineering, gave us guided tours of the cockpit and answered any and all the questions we had. 

After we were all exhausted from the walking, we had one long walk to do bach to HQ.  At HQ, Lufthansa hosted a dinner for us and a number of their executives and executives from Star Alliance.   The dinner was quite tasty and in good company.   But needless to say, with as little sleep as we all had in the last 36 hours, everyone was ready for bed so the time came where we had to shuffle downstairs and hop on the shuttle buses back.


Mike November 7, 2009 at 07:33 am

Great report Fozz, sounds like a lot of un. But where are pictures man! ;)