Global Entry


A few months ago I signed up for a service called Global Entry.  This is a service that the US Customs and Border Protection offers for a quicker entry when coming in from international destinations.  More info can be found here

When it was launched, only a few airports were equipped and it was very limited.  Over the last few months they have been able to install the facilities in many more airports.  The service is still in a pilot phase and costs $100 for the life of the pilot, which is stated as lasting up to five years.

As a member of the service, there are dedicated kiosks that you walk up to, scan your passport, answer a few questions and then proceed to the exit.  The machine gives you a printout of the declaration form (the one the airline hands out on the plane).   You walk to the exit, hand them the printout and off you go.

If you travel internationally and use any of the equipped airports, this is a MUST have.  I was able to give the service a try on two recent trips.

The first was a trip coming back from Malaysia where I landed in the pit that Delta calls Terminal 3 at JFK.  I went from walking off the plane to curbside in under 20 minutes. 

On my second trip, I was flying through Houston on my way back from Tokyo.  Same drill as last time, except this time when getting downstairs to the exit was a long line.  As I stood with my friends waiting to exit, I noticed a sign on the left where it said Crew and Global Entry.  I decided to give it a try and I was given priority and was out 15 minutes before my friends were.


Hunter November 1, 2009 at 07:56 pm

A) Stop fucking with DL.
B) I applied and was denied. Sadly, my prison time was a disqualifying event.

fozz November 6, 2009 at 08:44 pm

@Hunter: It's really not screwing with DL, it's just a simple fact.