Air Canada's Customer service: an easy solution

I had a domestic flight on Air Canada flight where I experienced simple but effective compensation in response to a delay.

I arrived at the gate just before boarding was scheduled to begin.  Boarding time came and went, and finally the agent announced that we were waiting for a disabled passenger to be offloaded from the previous flight before boarding could begin.  Once that passenger deplaned, the cleaners had to get on board.  Then boarding began, and as Murphy's Law would predict, there was a further delay due to some mechanical issue. 

All told, we were delayed about an hour.  Really not a big deal, but then again many of my trips begin with a United Express flight into O'Hare, so I'm used to delays such as that.  Once on board, the flight attendants were quite apologetic about the delay.  They announced that they would be offering free headsets, which normally cost .  Now, anyone who travels without headsets these days should have to pay more than that as a stupidity tax, but it was a nice gesture.  Plus, the in flight entertainment on Air Canada is excellent. 

Air Canada IFE

Photo courtesy Kevin's trip report for SFO-YVR on Air Canada

In addition, they offered one free drink during the first service.  Again, a quick, simple goodwill gesture that was more memorable than the delay.  Beer, wine and cocktails are or , so again, this was not hugely generous, but still it was a nice bonus. 



Beer: Canadian for I'm sorry


The only minor complaint was my "Cold Certified" drink was neither cold nor Rocky Mountain Cold.  But it was one better, it was free.

When traveling, its the little things that really matter. This was a very minor delay, but Air Canada's handling of it was memorable in its simplicity and it was really effective to leave a good impression.   



Dub February 18, 2012 at 03:10 am

What's really sorry is that a Canadian airline gave you Coors beer, when Canada is home to some of the best beers in North America.

Brad February 18, 2012 at 07:35 pm

@Dub: I agree with you. Unfortunately, the selection on Air Canada is pretty typical of most airlines. I've had some pretty decent microbrews in my travels in Canada. Do you have any particular recommendations?