24 hour holds now available on united.com...sort of

United image

There has been lots of talk of the issues in the first month since the system changeover between United and Continental.  Some of the discussions here on Upgrd include:  Problems with United Clubs, mileage posting, missing segments.  United provided their own summary, and finally Matthew posted some humor. 

In my own experience, it has not been smooth, I've had lots of annoyances, but thats not the focus of my post. 

I was working on a booking for myself, and I wanted to use some travel credits that I earned from a bump I took last year.  With all of the changes, I was dreading the process to call in and get this sorted out.  As a 1K, I've been pretty fortunate, at least compared with some others, as the times I have called United, my wait times have been less than 5 minutes.

Before I did my booking, I found a post on Flyertalk that suggested there is a work around hold option available. 

The steps are simple:

  • Find the flights online as you normally would
  • Once at payment page, choose cash option
  • You can choose one of the ticketing offices

 At this point, the reservation is on hold for 24 hours, pending payment.  You can go online and pay via any method you like within that time, or you can pay at a ticket office.  I called reservations, and explained that I had a reservation on hold, and I wanted to apply travel credits and ticket by mail.  The agent walked me to through the process, which was quite similar to the PMUA process, although now the tickets are sent to a PO box in Houston, rather than Dearborn. 

In a merger process that seems to have many more negatives than positives for customers, I take this small 'win' as a positive step.


HT to: stupidzbu on Flyertalk for the info and to Flickr for the cool photo