Foodie vs. Breakfast Triangle: CO239 MIA-EWR


Allow me to introduce you to the onboard breakfast triangle. A few months ago I found myself on a streak of pre-dawn flights connecting me through Houston. I don't mind the ungodly hours. I try not to become emotionally attached to any one time zone. As far as I'm concerned it's always 5:00PM somewhere. Happy hour? Darling, in my universe that's every hour. But let's get back to discussing the foodstuff of the moment: domestic first class breakfast fare.

I'm not a fan of the breakfast triangle, but I am intrigued/impressed by food processed into geometric shapes. On my string of EWR-IAH mornings I was guilty of mental drifting, ordering the "eggs" no less than three separate times. Clearly, I'm unable to make decisions of the palette before substantial caffeine intake. The "egg" breakfast includes an omelette, a round of sausage, a slice of ham and a salty gray triangle flecked with green. I'm not sure if the triangle food even has a proper name, but experts tell me it's a type of broccoli, potato and cheese dish. 

Recently, I found myself on a breakfast flight. Though I longed for the Honey Nut Cheerios of my childhood, I ordered the "eggs" once again just for an InFlight Dish photo-op with my tray table nemesis. Out came the unexpected: a new, different breed of breakfast triangle!

By sheer size this Au Gratin potato layer-quiche(?) was seeking total airline breakfast domination. Also gone was the omelet, replaced by scrambled "eggs." I raised a forkful of triangle to my lips, anticipating the usual salt-lick mash but this triangle was bland and glue-like. On a positive note, the vanilla yogurt and fruit salad were perfectly delicious. As my tray was removed, I gave one last glance to my partially eaten glue gratin, now just a lonely trapezoid. I hate to admit it, but in a moment of pre-caffeine culinary weakness I may have experienced a secret, wistful nostalgia for my absent breakfast frienemy.


The triangle is my favorite part of breakfast on CO, though the sticky bun is a close second. Hopefully you merely experienced an anomaly.

BR August 27, 2011 at 03:52 pm

LOL...."secret, wistful nostalgia for my absent breakfast frienemy."