A New, Improved Cheese Plate: CO61 EWR-IAH

I've never been so thankful to be upgraded into a seat with a footrest. On my way to the gate, I managed to defy the concept of airport "security" by breaking my toe at Newark Airport's C-1 checkpoint. I'm serious, I've seen the x-rays. Clearly the whole shoe removal rule is not beneficial to a certain demographic of accident-prone passengers (ahem). Thankfully, it was just a toe and one of the smaller ones at that. At the insistence of a flight attendant friend (who threatened to look up the phone numbers of my cabin crew and text them if I didn't say something) I requested a bag of ice for the swelling, then washed away the pain with a pre-flight Bloody Mary. There's nothing like airplane vodka and canned salt-juice to mend the woes of the world.

I was heading down to Houston for an overnight layover/barbecue bonanza. I had scheduled a foodie rendezvous at Gatlin's Barbecue with none other than The Crew Lounge's own fabulous host, Sara Keagle. I confirmed my order for the works (ribs, sausage, turkey, chicken, pulled pig, brisket, etc.) over the phone, ignoring the incredulous stares of my seat-mate. I didn't want to spoil my dinner, but I couldn't say no to Continental's new, improved snack platter.

The plate features a small wheel of brie-like cheesefood, three slices of soppressata and one large slice of smoked turkey. The cold cuts are accompanied by a cherry tomato, celery sticks and baby gherkins. Not bad, Continental, not bad. The cheese could almost pass as Brie's second cousin, I'd take it over a Babybel any day. I'm still confused by the inclusion of a tub of salad dressing, but I guess in the end it makes that phantom soup bowl feel less lonely.


Helixcardinal March 18, 2011 at 06:31 pm

The salad dressing is for dipping the celery in.

Tom March 18, 2011 at 06:55 pm

What is it with the phantom soup bowls? Don't they needlessly drive up cost?

Standardization I assume? Soup bowl on every flight is just easier.