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No thanks to Air Canada, I got to the Park Hyatt much later than I had planned on. The first consequence of this meant that I would have to catch a taxi, as the public busses had already stopped running for the night. Unfortunately, this cost me $85 USD, which I've not been able to get refunded by Air Canada. Secondly, the late arrival meant that I wouldn't be able to get as much sleep as I had hoped. I did grab a decent amount of sleep on the Air Canada flight, but the stress from the three hour delay, and racing through the Tokyo airport made me quite tired. Luckily, the taxi ride from the Incheon airport went by quickly, thanks to the little traffic on the road at 11:30pm.

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As we pulled into the Park Hyatt, five employees came out of nowhere to unload my bags from the car, and welcome me to the hotel. I was thanked for my business about five times, and told that the lobby was ont he 24th floor. However, due to my late check-in (12am), the agents on the lower level got my "pre-checked in", and promised to inform the agents in the main reception area that I was on my way up.

Moments later, the elevator doors opened onto the 24th floor, and the agents behind the front desk welcomed me by last name, as they prepared the information for my room. I was the only person checking-in at this hour, so the agents were especially friendly, and were concerned as to how I felt due to my late-arrival. Although the delay was caused by Air Canada, they offered their sincere appologies several times, and then handed me the keys to room 1806, a Park Deluxe King.


Due to the layout of the hotel, they have a couple different types of elevators, each with their own function. Two of the elevators went from the lobby level to the ground level, while the third elevator went up to the athletic facilities and spa. Although I was pretty tired, I managed to select the correct elevator, and descended to the 18th floor.


Despite my late arrival, the hotel had left the Diamond amenity on the dining table, which included a hand-written card from the general manager of the hotel. While some hotels print the text on the card, including the signature of the manger, I appreciated the extra touch of hand-writing the card. Also included inside the envelope was the business card of the GM. The food and beverage portion of the Diamond amenity included a large bottle of Soju, some tasty cookies, and a large helping of grapes.

When I had booked the room over the summer, the Park Hyatt was offering the Park Deluxe King for only $50 extra (per night), so I jumped on the opportunity. I was hoping that the hotel would upgrade me even further, due to my Diamond status, but this room was more than adequate.


The main room included a table for two, a large mini-bar selection, and several foreign power adapters. I always travel with two adapters, depending on the country I am visiting, although a third came in handy to help recharge my iPad, iPhone, and laptop, after the long travel day.

So far, the room seemed very comfortable, and I was definitely ready to get into the bed, and catch some shut-eye. However, I quickly noticed that the mattress was rock hard. Had it been earlier in the evening, I would have considered calling the front desk to ask if they had a mattress pad. Fortunately, I was tired enough that I fell asleep quickly. I was a bit disappointed at the firmness of the mattress, although I had experienced the same type of mattress at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, which I stayed at the month prior to my stay at the Park Hyatt Seoul.



Also included in the room was a decent sized LCD TV, although there were only three or four English speaking channels (CNN, BBC, etc). There was also a DVD player hooked up to the TV, along with a list of DVDs available for guests to watch. Although I did not take advantage of this perk, the selection of DVDs was quite extensive, and also included a large collection of American movies.


Seperated by two large closet doors, the bathroom offered a large walk-in rain shower, as well as a beautiful granite bathtub. The shower and bath area featured a large window that overlooked the COEX shopping mall. A large, electronic blackout shade was available for those that do not want people in the neighborhing buildings from staring at you while taking a shower or bath.





View from the bathroom



The bathroom also offered a large sink, a sitting area for guests to do their make-up/hair, and a nice collection of high-end soaps, specifically made for the Park Hyatt.


The bathroom was very nicely designed, and incorporated a lot of granite and other types of stone. It is easy to tell that the Park Hyatt spared no expense in the design of their bathrooms.



As I mentioned in my post about the DMZ Tour, I was quite tired when I got back to the hotel, so a quick glance at the room service menu aided my decision to dine in. Out of more than sixty nights at hotels in 2011, this was the first time that I had ordered room service. Usually the prices are a complete rip-off, or there is quality food close enough to the hotel.

Despite the price, the meal was quite good, and just enough to fill me up after a long day at the DMZ. In the middle of the meal, one of the hotel employees stopped by my room to drop-off a copy of my bill, as well as another thank you note from the general manager.

The following morning, I stopped by the hotel restaurant, Cornerstone, for some breakfast. Unfortunately, I had very little time to eat, so I only managed to snap a few photos with my iPhone. I apologize for the bluriness!

As a Diamond member of Hyatt Gold Passport, my breakfast was complimentary. And, as this was a buffet, I had the chance to try a little bit of everything, without worrying about the amount of meal credit that I have been offered at other Hyatt properties.






Unfortunately, the photos above aren't able to show you the full line-up that the hotel provided. Rest assured, the buffet included almost everything the average guest would want for breakfast. They even had my favorite item, smoked salmon (lox)!

Moments later, I grabbed my rollerboard and backpack, and proceeded to the agent on the ground floor, who hailed a cab that would take me to the CALT station. He also handed me a ticket to the airport limousine bus, which I had ordered at check-in.

Once my bags were loaded into the car, the employee assisting me handed the taxi driver some money, and provided him with my destination. I'm not sure if the free cab ride to CALT is a Diamond benefit, or something offered for all guests, but it was very much appreciated! The drive was less than five minutes, with traffic, which gave me a few minutes to get organized before boarding my bus to Seoul-Incheon.


Regional Jet seat on Airport Limo Bus to ICN


Korean TV Programming


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