Delta Unveils NYC-LaGuardia Terminal Connector

Transferring between Delta's C and D terminals at New York LaGuardia used to be inconvenient for passengers. Similar to United's shuttle service between Terminal 3 & Terminal 1 at SFO, or the bus from the C gates to the F gates at ORD, it required hauling your luggage up and down a series of steps, and walking onto the tarmac, which is not much fun if it is raining or snowing.

it's a pain to haul a bunch of bags through this maze

bus service from terminal D to C

When I flew LGA-PWM over the summer, there were signs all over the place, detailing the renovations that Delta was bringing to LGA. In addition to the connector, a new SkyClub was opened, as part of their $160 million upgrade to the LGA terminals. Unfortunately, the connector was not yet opened when I flew out, so I had to take the bus. While it is fun to be on the tarmac, the transit time was a lot longer that it will take for passengers to use the connector.

Less than ten days until the end of the year, one of Delta's representatived on FlyerTalk confirmed that the connector has opened!

After passing final inspection late Friday night, the new 630 ft. connector between LGA Terminals C and D is now OPEN. Remember, we plan to install moving sidewalks in the connector by summer 2013, so there will be minor ongoing construction until then.

terminal connector - image courtesy; Delta


Is there still no bus transfer from US to UA at LGA? That really annoyed me last time I had to go out, take the bus, and re-clear security again.

@Matthew: To my knowledge, there is still no way to transfer between UA & US. It's even more annoying that you may have to go out and come back through for UA conx (DEN-LGA-IAH is an example from a few weeks back).

I was very pleased with Delta's improvements to LGA, and I wouldn't hesitate to fly them again. Even got free snacks in Y on a 269 mile flight!