Thirty-Six Hours in Honolulu

Introduction United Business: Denver to San Francisco United First: San Francisco to Honolulu Thanks to Hawaiian Airlines, I was able to spend last weekend in Honolulu. The best part was that United had matched the prices, so I ended up paying less than $250 to fly round-trip from San ...

Final Chance to Transfer Membership Rewards Points to Continental

As a reminder to those of you with American Express Membership Rewards Points, tomorrow (9/30) is the last day to transfer those points to Continental Airlines. Starting on October 1, United Continental Holdings will no longer accept Amex cards for access to the Continental President's Clubs, or allow points to be transferred to OnePass.

For those of you with the Amex Platinum card, you will still receive access to the American Airlines Admirals Club, Delta SkyClub, and US Airways Club.


Coming Up: Hyatt Regency SFO, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, United SFO-HNL

Tomorrow, I'll be heading out to Honolulu, for the first time since December. I'll plan on doing a review of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki, and then also a review of a property I stay at quite often, the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. The flight to Honolulu won't be too special, but I'll make sure to do a brief summary of anything interesting that happens on-board.


United/Continental Merger Update - $550M to Improve On-board Product

It was a pretty quiet morning, until I received the latest merger update email from United. While I was hoping to hear more about the potential changes to MileagePlus, I was still pleasantly surprised to see that United will begin to improve the on-board product, by investing a substantial amount of ...

Star Alliance Suspends Air India's Membership Application

Air India 777
For almost four years, Star Alliance, and Air India (AI) have been in talks for AI to join the Alliance. However, membership was contingent on several factors, which AI failed to achieve.
To join Star Alliance, potential partners must adhere to the following terms and ...

Update: United/Continental Systemwide Upgrades Now Valid on Both Carriers!

UPDATE (11:10AM 7/26): Recently posted information by UA Insider on Flyertalk, mentions that CO SWUs are also valid on UA. UA Insider also went on to mention that CR1 support is coming soon.
"Hi Everyone, as has been mentioned, earlier today we soft-launched the ability for customers who ...
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Remember Tom Sawyer?

Last November, Tom Sawyer, a retired teacher from Michigan, was travelling down to Orlando for a wedding. Sawyer, a cancer survivior had been outfitted with a urostomy bag, which helps to collect his urine. Attached to his stomach, the bag is very fragile, and when left to the hands of the TSA, you ...

United Frequent Flyer to hit Ten Million Miles on LAX-ORD 7/9

Tom Stuker, who many equate to a real-life Ryan Bingham, will be flying his ten millionth mile with United Airlines later today. Following a pre-flight gathering, Stuker, as well as several friends from, will fly from Los Angeles to Chicago, where United will be hosting a party for him ...

Spring Break in Paris - Park Hyatt Paris

Introduction Hyatt Regency Chicago United Business Class - Chicago to Paris Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme Two hours after I landed in Paris, I made my way to the Park Hyatt. An hour long ride on the Roissy Bus deposited me only two blocks from the hotel, so I quickly learned the way ...
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The Month Ahead

As I mentioned in my last posting, Mileage Running for United 1K Status, the end of May and the beginning of June will see me on a plane at least four times per week. About two weeks ago, I got my passport back from the Brazilian government, and now have a visa that is valid for the next ten years! ...
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Mileage Running for United 1K Status

Once the semester is over, I will be going on a number of exciting trips. While most of them are for quick-turns (twelve hours or less at the destination), I did I manage to find a decent fare to Hawaii, the weekend after school lets out for the summer. Below is a map of where I will be flying in ...
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United Business Class - Chicago to Paris

Introduction Hyatt Regency Chicago United Business Class - Chicago to Paris Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme After spending most of the day in Chicago, I was ready for my first flight to Paris! With no lines at the check-in counter, and the Nude-O-Scopes roped off, I was at the Red Carpet ...

Spring Break in Paris - Hyatt Regency Chicago

Introduction Hyatt Regency Chicago United Business Class - Chicago to Paris Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme After a quick flight from Kansas City to Chicago, I was ready to explore the city. In 2010, I had to have passed through Chicago at least thirty times, but this was the first time ...
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Spring Break in Paris - Introduction

Introduction Hyatt Regency Chicago United Business Class - Chicago to Paris Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme At the end of November, I was on my way back to KU, when I discovered that my flight from Chicago to Kansas City was oversold. After talking to the gate agent, I was added to the ...

Stay Tuned!

I'll be visiting some new destinations in March. Stay tuned for photos and trip reports from Frankfurt and Paris..

As always, both trips will be on United, with all four segments (ORD-FRA-ORD & ORD-CDG-ORD) confirmed in Business class. All four flights will be operated with the lie-flat business seats, which I have come to love. When I am in Frankfurt, I'll be at the Hyatt Regency Mainz, and then at the Park Hyatt Vendome, when I visit Paris.


It's Time to Fly!

Weekend Trip to Kona

As I mentioned over here, Kona!, I took a weekend trip to Kona. Thanks to some good friends on FlyerTalk, I found a great deal for a round-trip from San Jose (SJC) to Kona (KOA. Instead of going direct from Denver (DEN), I was able to fly DEN-SJC-LAX-KOA-SFO-LAX-SJC-DEN, which maximed the ...

First United 747 painted in the new livery

Well, it's official.. As the merger with Continental progresses, more legacy CO & UA aircraft are being repainted with the new livery. The photo below is a United Express ERJ-145 in the new livery.

I'll definitely miss the tulip!