Getting Away On Miles: MIASCOR Lounge Manila

Airline lounges are a great place to relax and escape the hectic airport and it’s even better to relax in a lounge before a flight that provides you with personal work space, a relaxing environment and even a few treats or drinks before long flights. Although many lounges in Asia are top notch, this has not been the case of any of the lounges I have visited in the Manila Airport (The Delta Lounge, PAGSS Lounge, Korean Air Lounge). On this trip, I checked out the Miascor Lounge, which is used by a number of airlines including Asiana. I originally was not going to write a post about this lounge because it’s so small and hardly qualifies as a business class lounge, however I decided it would be a good warning for those traveling through Manila on Asiana.

The lounge, located in Terminal 1, is very small and is lacking many options. There’s just one tiny sitting area and then a small work station area with two computers. The main room is divided by a ½ wall where the sitting area with the TV is separated from the food and beverage area. The food choices are minimal, just finger food and snacks. There is also a small hard alcohol selection and canned beverages including beer, soda, water, and juices. 


The sitting area and food area around 11:30pm, after most people have cleared out.


Food selection and alcohol selection


2012-12-16-23.42.05We arrived approximately 1 hour before our flight and the lounge was extremely crowded at 11pm. Not only was Asiana using the lounge, but many other business class passengers were also in the lounge from other airlines, along with other passengers who were able to access the lounge via their Citi or American Express Credit cards. Finally around 1130 the lounge started to clear out. The lounge was loud & swarming with travelers, making it difficult to find a place to sit and relax. Finding a place to sit was a feat on its own, finding power outlets was another.  At least the Wi-Fi worked!

If traveling through Manila, I would advise you to time your flights appropriately and do not arrive at the airport too early. Thus far, every lounge I’ve seen at this airport is fairly dingy and outdated with lackluster amenities—which I guess is what terminal 1 is truly all about. The terminal is old and dated and so are the lounges. I hope one day terminal 1 will be demolished, rebuilt and more international traffic gets moved to the newer T3. ANA has made the move, why can’t other airlines?

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Paul January 2, 2013 at 10:29 pm

Here is a link about some airlines moving to Terminal 3 around this year.

Delta Airlines uses a Boeing 747 daily from two destinations, Narita and Nagoya. Cathay Pacific has several flights from Hong Kong daily using Boeing 777 or Airbus 330 and Emirates uses Boeing 777 from Dubai. Most of the airlines that are planned to move to T3 are aircraft with huge capacities. Hopefully to eliminate crowding in T1.

rocky January 3, 2013 at 12:32 am

@Paul Thanks for the information!! So glad to here some more airlines are finally moving to T3!

Paul January 3, 2013 at 12:43 am

@Rocky No problem! Would also like to see more airlines move to T3 such as Singpapore, Korean Air, and Asiana! They used wide-body aircrafts as well!

Andy November 14, 2013 at 07:04 am

Mr. Rocky, an update on a NAIA Terminal 1 lounge - Club Manila

SIA too has made the move to T3.T1 can just be given a complete makeover.

Rocky October 10, 2014 at 09:58 am

@Xiao - That's great to hear, 18 months ago they were in T1 still. Glad to see more airlines utilizing T3! I hope one day T1 is torn down and rebuilt from the ground up!

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