Air Asia takes on Japan

South East Asia’s favorite LLC is coming to the domestic Japan market with full force and is ready to take its competitors by storm by offering Air Asia’s Award winning service on domestic flights within Japan. The Joint Venture between Air Asian and ANA was forged in August 2011 and plans to take to the skies with the first flight in August of 2012.

Air Asia Japan will start off with a domestic fleet of 5 airbus airplanes and will surely grow overtime as long as Air Asia continues to be successful. Its headquarters is in Narita alongside of ANA’s headquartered and will be the VERY first low cost carrier based out of Tokyo’s Narita International Airport. Although Air Asia X already has a small presence in Japan, this will be the first time Air Asia has planes based in Japan or flies domestically.

Per the Air Asia flights, Japan domestic flights will all depart from Narita and continue on to Fukuoka, Okinawa, and Sapporo. To kick off these new flights, Air Asia is having a sale offering flights for as low as $.06 each way plus tax! So for less than $60 after taxes and Surcharges you could be jetting across Japan!!! Domestic flights go on sell at midnight of 5/31 and the sell lasts until June 3. All new flights begin August 28th and the discount tickets are available for flights 8/28-11/28/12.

If you’ve never flown Air Asia before, be prepared for the Ryan air of Asia! The low cost business model is in full swing here and you’ll pay for ever extra under the sun. Want a water, you’ll pay for that;  want to check in at the airport, you’ll pay for that; want to check a bag, you’ll pay for that too; want to select a seat before check in, more cash please!! However, don’t worry; unlike Ryan air the add-ons at Air Asia are cheap! It will normally only cost $3-$4 to check in at the airport and $10-$15 for a check bag. Air Asia has a number of other unbundled options and can all be found. So if you’re looking for a full service airline avoid Air Asia, but if you need to get somewhere cheap Air Asia is the way to go. Remember Air Asia slogan is “Now Everyone Can Fly”…..and they mean EVERYONE!



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