Sad to see bmi Depart Star Alliance - I will miss you!

I’m going to miss bmi! I knew it was coming but it was very sad to see the Star Alliance logo taken off the bmi webpage. I moved to the UK a little under a year ago, and bmi was my UK airline, connecting me to the rest of the Star Alliance network. My home airport is Manchester and Lufthansa had bmi operating some of their flights to FRA and MUC, these were true LH flights but on BD aircraft with BD crews. LH had flights to/from Berlin to London, and FRA to Birmingham also op’ed by bmi. I’m a true LH fan boy for sure, but these BD op’ed flights were very enjoyable. Hot meal in Business class, hot pizza pocket or wrap in Y. Full bar options in both cabins (you do not get this on LH within Europe).


The crews were great and I have gotten to know most of them on the MAN-FRA route. I’m told by Lufthansa that they will have BD op these flights over the summer then LH metal and crews will return in the winter book. LH tells me that as they are true Lufthansa flights miles and perks will be given to all Star Alliance passengers.

bmi was one of the better airlines around, good service, good crews, new and updated aircraft. Nice seats, lots of leg room and just an enjoyable experience.

One more down for Star, who will be next? TAP, US Airways who knows?

I hope that all at bmi will keep their jobs!

For any United folks here is what was posted on today:

Effective April 20, 2012, bmi has formally withdrawn from the Star Alliance® as a result of its purchase by International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways. In an effort to provide continued benefits to our members, United has arranged for Star Alliance Gold and Silver benefits as well as mileage accrual and redemption on bmi-operated flights to continue through May 31, 2012. Beginning June 1, 2012, MileagePlus® members will no longer earn miles or receive further benefits or recognition on bmi-operated flights. Award tickets issued on or before May 31, 2012, will be honored as ticketed. Members may claim mileage credit for previously flown bmi-operated flights through May 31, 2013.

RIP bmi


Brad April 20, 2012 at 08:55 pm

Agreed that bmi was a nice addition for Star Alliance. I only flew bmi a few times, but I was never offered free food/drinks in Y. I guess that the flight you experienced that feature is due to the fact that they were essentially LH flights?

Damian April 20, 2012 at 08:56 pm

Yes.. I think true bmi European and UK flights were buy on board.. The LH flights had the good stuff for free.

A. S. April 20, 2012 at 09:00 pm

My experience with BD was the opposite: it was a quite poor airline -- everything from a broken website, to poor airport handling (except at LHR), overly casual (translation: incompetent) flight crews, obsolete hard product, and mediocre soft product. And the call center...oh, what can I say about the call center that wouldn't be censored by you!!

The one shining beacon, of course, was Diamond Club and it's fantastic Miles + Cash rewards. I will miss that tremendously and what's worse is that my miles will be going to BA, where they'll be worth so much less.

It's always sad to see an airline with any kind of history go away, but I, personally, won't be shedding any tears.