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We had an absolutely wonderful stay at the Four Seasons in Mauritius. We ate like kings. The food at this resort is absolutely fantastic. The food is so good that I thought it was worth an entire post to highlight some of the… highlights... Most of the rates at the Four Seasons are considered "half board," which means that breakfast and dinner are included. You're on your own for lunch.

The resort has three different restaurants: Beau Champ, Aquapazza, and Bambou. While each one offers a huge variety, they all have different focuses.


Beau Champ is the restaurant closest to the lobby, and it is also where breakfast is served everyday. It is situated beautifully along the resort's saltwater pools, which are filled with fish, sea urchins, and more. It was really refreshing to come and have breakfast here every morning. The only annoyance is that they occasionally play a high pitched noise to keep the birds away. The noise is a little annoying… and it doesn't keep any birds away :-). At night, Beau Champ is a steakhouse, but it has plenty of seafood and other options.


The second restaurant is Aquapazza. This is situated just off the main lobby, on the other side of the water, and it's an Italian restaurant. It's only open for dinner, and it's filled with pizza, pasta, and the typical Italian fare.


The third and final restaurant is called Bambou. This restaurant focuses on seafood, and it is situated near the mean beaches and pools. This is also the primary restaurant to grab lunch, but during lunch, it serves a lunch menu that's different from the dinner menu.

All three restaurants were really good. I'm not sure how full the resort was when we there, but only two of the three restaurants were open each night. I think that if the resort is completely full, they probably have all three resorts open at the same time, but I could be wrong about that. So those are the places to get the food - let's have a look at the food itself!

We'll start with breakfast. Breakfast is considered to be "half-buffet." There is a juice bar, a fruit and salad bar, and a table of pastries. In addition to this, there's a pretty extensive cook to order menu. We typically ordered off the cook to order menu and supplemented this with pastries and fruit. The pastries were epic, btw. All of the pastries are baked on site, and it was pretty common for us to put pastries on our plate, come back to the table, and find that they were still warm.









Of all the pictured food above, my favorite was BY FAR the Mauritian Crepe, which is depicted in the bottom picture. On our last day, I made sure to order this again… and so did my wfie :-). These pictures really bring back memories of all the delicious food we ate. As you can see, we did indeed eat like kings. Put simply, The Four Seasons Mauritius does the best breakfast of any resort I have ever been to. While some places will certainly have more selection, the amount of thought and quality put into each dish at this resort is top notch. They even made us fresh smoothies every morning.


I've already posted eight pictures of food, and we haven't even moved beyond breakfast. We spent four nights at the resort, and we only had lunch on the resort a couple times. There's a dock right by the resort's beach, and from this dock there are free hourly boat shuttle that takes you to an island across the water, Ile Aux Cerfs. The ride would probably only take fifteen minutes if you went straight there quickly on a sea-doo, but because there's a large no-wake zone, and because the boat makes a stop at a nearby resort, it takes about 30 minutes. I wouldn't mention it in a food-related post, except that Ile Aux Cerfs is a public beach, and there are a variety of reasonably priced restaurants there as well. You can also have grilled fish and lobster on a nearby beach, which is something we took the opportunity to do.


We did have lunch a couple times at the resort, though, and it was prepared with the same amount of thought and care as our breakfasts.



One of our favorites was the above kati roll, which we ordered a couple times. It came fries and a salad. I also really enjoyed the Pad Kee Mao.

While we didn't have every lunch on the resort, we did have every dinner there. Here are some dinners and desserts that we ate while we there.







I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but let it be known that if you stay at the Four Seasons in Mauritius, you will eat quite well! Now that our honeymoon is over, it's time to… diet… or maybe I'll just fast...


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Wow...that food looks great! I really want to stay there now

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