Summary and Commentary: The Fall Hotel Chain Bonuses

Here's what we have so far...

Starwood Preferred Guest: Double points on all stays from September 6th to December 18th. If your stay includes a Sunday or Thursday night, then you'll get triple points instead.

Marriott Rewards: Targeted offer, but if you're a Marriott Elite, you can usually call Marriott Rewards to switch to the promotion of your choice. Runs from September 15 to January 15. Deals We Like sums it up best:

2 stays = 1 free night for a category 1 to 4 hotel (expires May 31, 2012). Limit of two free nights earned during the promotion.
2 stays = 5,000 points, up to 20,000 points (8 stays)
20 nights = 35,000 points; 25 nights earns additional 15,000 for a total of 50,000 points
15 nights = 25,000 points; 20 nights earns additional 15,000 for a total of 40,000 points

Hyatt Gold Passport: Every 3 nights you stay, you get 5000 bonus points, with a maximum of 30,000 points (18 nights). The promotion runs from September 15 - November 15.

Priority Club: Best Summarized by Loyalty Traveler and runs from September 15 - December 31:

Earn 500 Priority Club bonus points per night.
Stay in two different IHG brands during promotion and earn 1,000 bonus points per night.
Stay in three different IHG brands during promotion and earn 1,500 bonus points per night.
Stay in four different IHG brands during promotion and earn 2,000 points points per night.
A maximum 80,000 bonus points may be earned after 40 nights.
500 points per night will be earned at time of stay and the 2x, 3x or 4x bonus points will post after the end of the promotion in January 2012.
Miles earners can choose 100 bonus miles per night and receive the 2x, 3x, 4x bonus for miles, up to 400 miles per night and a maximum 20,000 bonus miles for the promotion.

Hilton Honors: Stil missing in action!

I travel quite a bit for business, and I base my stays more on maintaining elite status rather than maximizing bonuses. Earlier this year, I hit Starwood Platinum, and since then, I've been staying at Marriotts. I've found that with rollover nights and the Chase Premier Card, it can be pretty easy to requalify for Marriott Platinum. I'll be in Europe next week, and I'll hit 75 nights with Marriott, putting me over the top for Platinum status. However, now that Marriott has rollover nights, I'd really like to get my nights count closer to 100, to make it easy again to requalify next year.

So for me, it looks like I'll be going with Marriott's Megabonus. I suppose it will get interesting for me as I get closer to that 100 night point with Marriott. If I get there and realize that I'm pretty close to hitting one of the big point megabonuses, I'll probably continue to stay at Marriotts until I hit the bonus, and then IF I have any nights left, I'll go to Starwood to continue my points accumulation there. Of course, I don't know if I'll even get to 100 nights this year. And if I do get to that point, I'm not sure how many more stays I'll have left in 2011.

Now if I didn't care about elite status, I think the two most interesting are probably the Starwood and Hyatt promotion. I especially like Starwood's.

Have these promotions changed your travel patterns?

While these are all certainly lucrative in their own ways, there aren't any truly unique promotions like Starwood's previous promotion that gave away a free resort night for ever three SPG stays. Thanks to that promotion, I'll be staying at the St. Regis Punta Mita for three nights in December.

In any case, these are some good promotions, but none of them is interesting enough to actually have me change my travel patterns.


Nick August 28, 2011 at 10:18 pm

For me, the Priority Club or Hyatt Bonuses are the most appealing (mainly because there are not affordable Starwood properties for my travel, and I'm too far behind to even contemplate Marriott)

Grant August 28, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Thank you Kevin. Your work in compiling these hotel program promotions is very helpful, especially to those of us getting ready earn and transfer hotel points in conjunction with the US Grand Slam beginning September 14.

Max August 30, 2011 at 11:33 am

Thank you! I didn't realize I could call Marriott and change to a different promotion. I was able to get two free nights instead of not meeting the 15 night goal promotion and getting nothing.

I'm sad that there likely won't be any "Faster Free Nights" promo from Hyatt this year. But who can blame them?

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