Business Trip to Buenos Aires and São Paulo ~ South America, Here I Come!

Despite having traveled pretty extensively for the past ten years of my life, I have never yet been south of the equator! Taking a look at the map, it looks like the closest I've gotten is Krabi, Thailand and Chennai, India. That will all change in July. I'm off to South America for a business trip that will take me to Buenos Aires, Argentina and São Paulo, Brazil.

I'm really excited to visit both places. I have heard that Argentina is wonderful, and while I unfortunately won't make it up to Mendoza, I'm hoping to have a bit of extra time to enjoy Buenos Aires. I'll be there for about four days, and then I'm off to São Paulo.

I'm extremely excited to visit Brazil. I work in the technology business, and Brazil has often been described to me as "the California of South America" with São Paulo being "the Silicon Valley of Brazil."

I'm flying almost exclusively on United, with the exception being the connection between Buenos Aires and São Paulo. I haven't yet figured that flight out. My long-haul flight to EZE is on a 2-cabin United (ex-Continental) 767. This unfortunately does not have the lie-flat Business Class seats that I know and love on United. Coming home, I'll be flying on a 777-200 3-cabin jet. I'm quite familiar with this one, and I'm a big fan of the lie-flat seats. United recently re-branded their premium cabins, and I'm looking forward to trying out the better food and new amenity kits, assuming those upgrades clear!

I'll only be gone for about eight days, but I'll be sure to report back with a full trip report and photos. If you have any recommendations for either city, do let me know!


Try booking Qatar Airways between GRU and EZE. The best service on this route.

A. S. May 21, 2012 at 06:39 am

You should do JJ between EZE and GRU. It's the best option there (quality-wise) and is *A so will fit in nicely with your trip. DO NOT even consider Aerolineas -- you'll regret it! It's quite bad. Even my Argentine friends fly JJ to and from GRU!

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